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Printable Profits

Printable Profitd Empire

I’ve just finished going over Stuart Turnbull’s latest ebook and video course Your Printable Profits Empire, and I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you!

This course is all about selling printables online. “What is a printable?” I hear you ask!

A printable is a piece of art that you create on your computer and sell as a digital file–your customer simply downloads it and prints it at home.

The unique thing about selling printables is, you create your product once and profit from it many times (an unlimited number of times!!).

You never ship anything to your customers and, best of all, you don’t even need a website! This idea is, in fact, the nearest thing I have come across yet to a fully automated business–once you have created your range of printables, the selling platform (Stuart uses Etsy) takes care of everything else.  That said, please don’t think that you can set this business up with no work. Of course there is work involved!  If you want to sell a lot of printables you’ll need to create a good range of designs, and this will take a fair amount of work.  (If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I promote the idea that without work there is no success.)

If you’re thinking that this idea is of no interest to you because you aren’t artsy, you might want to think again.  Stuart has put together a package of top quality videos that teach ANYBODY (even a techno-moron like me) how to create extremely sellable art using FREE online tools without the need for any artistic talent at all!

Stuart’s course also walks you through the finer points of setting up your Etsy shop, listing your printables and driving traffic to them.

The course is chock full of examples of successful Etsy shops that are absolutely killing it with this business model!

Oh, and did I mention the BONUSES?  There are several well written bonus ebooks that add real value to this course–NOT your usual rehashed private label rights rubbish thrown in simply to pad out the package.

The whole package is worth way more than the asking price, and it’s topped off by a 30 day refund guarantee if you are disappointed. I’ll be amazed if anyone actually takes Stuart up on the refund guarantee because, as this package is GOLD!

To sum up, Your Printable Profits Empire gets my full and enthusiastic endorsement.  This is a REAL business that ANYONE can set up and make great, ongoing profits!  Here’s where to get it!

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