Hi!  Just like most people, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m 60 years old, disabled from a stroke, and still one of the most blessed men on planet Earth.  I’m not blessed because things went right; I’m blessed because I’ve got fight.  So let me tell you my story…

I was fortunate enough to have earned enough money to retire at a very young age.  But after about seven stock market crashes and my own ineptitude at investing, my wife and I were down to our last $500,000.  Then tragedy struck.

My “best friend” was our financial/legal advisor for a decade when he decided he needed our money more than we did.  At the same time he cleaned out three other people and hit two banks, he wiped us out financially.  He wiped us out so completely the week of Thanksgiving in 2014, my wife and I ate pinto beans for our holiday meal while he ate pressed turkey and boxed dressing in jail.  It was a week before we could have enough money to buy groceries.  Not only did he take all our money, but he put us in debt $100,000 where we previously had none.  Sadly, the police haven’t been able to find a dime of our money, and he’s not talking.

Just as you’d expect, I was very angry and depressed.  As it turns out, though, that was just the beginning of the problems.

Not long after this jerk (yeah, I said it) stole our money, one of my sons was lost to his second your in Iraq.  Just about the time I’d begun to accept that, another of my sons died as a direct result of his service in the U.S. Navy.  The depression, anger, stress and grief led to a debilitating stroke that almost killed me.

Sitting in the rehab hospital gave me a lot of time to think.  Thinking led to more anger, but it wasn’t anger directed at the thief or my circumstances.  The anger was directed at me.

I finally realized that being angry at the thief and my circumstances accomplished nothing.  I was still broke.  My sons were still gone.  I was still disabled and sick.  So my anger did nothing beyond giving me greater potential for another stroke.

But my new anger was actually a positive thing.  I became angry at myself for feeling sorry for myself and acquiescing to my circumstances.  Where is it written that life is supposed to be fair?  What law says somebody else owes me a living?  Who says I have to accept my circumstances and go ahead and die… then be buried twenty years later?  Nowhere, none, and no one!

So I resolved in that hospital bed that I would take control of my destiny as I had done when I was young.  I resolved that I would dictate the circumstances in my life instead of letting circumstances dictate to me how my life would be!  I decided to renew myself and at least think young again, even if I couldn’t actually be young again.  I resolved to live once again by a creed I’d lived by most of my life; it’s called The Possibility Thinker’s Creed, and it goes like this…

When faced with a mountain, I will not quit!

I will keep on striving until I…

find a pass through…

go around…

tunnel underneath…

or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine WITH GOD’S HELP!

So my new resolve motivated me to try to figure out how to restore our comfortable lifestyle.  I tried to think out what I could do.  After all,I couldn’t go back into the job market as long as I’d been out of it.  And who would want to hire a cripple at my age anyway?  I didn’t have the money to start and market a new business, as that requires hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Besides, my physical situation meant I’d have to have a partner or a trusted aide, and I’m (understandably) not too much on the trust thing these days.  What could I do?

Then it came to me.

Internet Marketing!

I didn’t know anything about Internet Marketing (IM for short), but I knew I could learn.  I learned the Pledge of Allegiance and Hail Mary, didn’t I?  Well, then I could learn anything I set my mind to, and I’d set my mind to learn IM!

My decision to learn and rebuild my wealth with IM is actually a good thing for you.  Why?  Well, I figure there are hundreds of thousands of good, honest people in the same financial straits I’ve been in, and they’re willing to work hard and do whatever they have to do to alter their circumstances.  I can certainly empathize with that!  So as I go along learning different things, I’m going to tell you about them on my blog––both the good things and my mistakes.  I’m also going to offer you some ways to actually earn money yourself.  Nota Bene:  I only want to help you if you’ll help yourself, and I’ll only help people I think are honest.  So subscribe to my blog and visit often.  And if I can help you in some way, just let me know.