You’ve Got the Luck of the Irish!

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I always begin a post with some humor.  If you don’t think what I have to tell you is worth anything, at least you’ll leave with a laugh.

Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool.  I gave him a glass of water.

You Really Are Lucky

Warlord Marketing-Case StudyIn a post the other day, I told you about another internet marketer named Steve Alvey.  He’s the guy who introduced me to my coach, John Thornhill.

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, Steve and I have a lot in common… despite the fact that he’s a young Air Force veteran and I’m an old codger.  We are both veterans (but as an Army man, I only see the Air Force as our taxi drivers😊), we’ve both tried and failed at internet marketing (though he’s tried longer than I have), we’re both Catholic (and that means a lot to me), we both have a burning desire to make it in the internet marketing game, and we both are men who simply do not know how to give up.

Steve is the owner of a six-figure per year internet marketing business called Warlord Marketing, but success is really something new to him.  He struggled for about four years, while he was in the Air Force, trying to figure out how to start an online business he could work at from home.  After returning home from his last of several combat tours, he decided to get out of the service and devote full-time to building a business.  Most of us our own worst enemy, and Steve is no exception.  He made his decision to exit the Air Force at the worst possible time, as he and his wife were expecting their fourth child.  All of the metrics for his situation said he should put himself into the job market.  Despite what all the conventional wisdom said to the contrary, Steve decided to go-for-broke with internet marketing.  And what he accomplished this year is nothing short of amazing and awe-inspiring!

When 2016 began, Steve was broke.  He hadn’t ever made a dime at internet marketing.  By the time 2016 was over, though, he had made over $80,000, and it was $100,000 after a mere fourteen months!  Talk about supercharged!  Steve’s rapid success was because of his coaching from John Thornhill, which was one of the biggest factors for me deciding to contact John myself.

The way I discovered Steve was by purchasing one of his private label rights (PLR) products, which is one of several he developed (with Thornhill’s guidance) in 2016.  And Steve’s massive 2016 success makes you one of the luckiest folks on the internet.  Why?  What if I were to tell you Steve is going to carry you through––step-by-step––exactly how he went from $0.00 to over $80,000 in one year.  Well, he is.

The Warlord Case Study

“…this is the blueprint for product launches… a new standard for case studies!”

Randy & Simon––

But you don’t need to bother with looking at the Warlord Case Study if you don’t meet the following criteria…

  • You want to build a business and make money online.
  • You’ve been struggling to do so for a long time.
  • You’ve got pictures in your head of what success would look like.  Maybe it’s spending more time with your family or being able to provide a more comfortable lifestyle for your loved ones. Maybe it’s vacations or a new house or quitting your day job.
  • You are willing to work and do whatever it takes to succeed, because you realize money just doesn’t mystically flow from your computer.

“Unprecedented! A must-have for every new internet marketer…”

Barry Joyce––

If you meet the above criteria, then you need a look at Steve Alvey’s  Warlord Marketing Case Study.

You Can’t Make It in Internet Marketing Until You Launch Your Own Product!

No truer statement was ever made about acquiring success online than that, but developing your own product isn’t as hard as you might think.  I know what you’re thinking:  “Baloney!  I’m not knowledgable or creative enough to build my own product.”  That’s what I thought to, but Steve proved me wrong in his Warlord Marketing Case Study.

In the case study, Steve shows you step-by-step exactly what he did every step of the way to go from zero to over $80,000 in less than a year.  He’ll show you all he went through––from the embarrassing mistakes to the greatest secrets of his success––to achieve success.  Yes, Steve is selling this case study, but the cost right now is only $7.95 (the price will be going up!).  And take a look at all you’ll get for the cost of a hamburger and fries…

  1. The Warlord Case Study eBook.
  2. The Warlord Case Study audio book, to listen to during your commute to work while you plan your product launch.
  3. You get the Warlord Case Study launch resource guide, covering everything we used that helped our product launch.
  4. The One Decision, a document that tells you the hidden secret of Steve’s success, the one single thing other successful marketers jealously guard.
  5. A Secret Webinar, exclusive to case study investors… as well as these fast-action bonuses…
  6. BONUS 1––The Mega Launch Blueprint, an enormous step-by-step guide to cranking out major product launches.
  7. BONUS 2––The Launch Checklist, a line-by-line guide to producing and capitalizing on six-figure launches.
  8. BONUS 3––Product Launch Anatomy, a six video course on what goes into your first product launch.
  9. BONUS 4––The Sample Launch Campaign, a 3-part recorded interview and coaching session between a world-famous internet marketer and a product launch newbie.
  10. BONUS 5––Product Launch Authority, an epic 10-day course jam packed with resources that’ll help you take your launches to the next level.
  11. BONUS 6––Polonius Academy  Last but not least, once you finally launch your product and build a buyers list, you’re going to have an online business that you need to grow and maintain. To help you do this, Steve is giving you full lifetime access to Polonius Academy, an incredible eCampus of over 200 video lessons on running your online business.

The One Decision

I just want to touch on this one more time, because this document included in the Warlord Marketing Case Study is (in my opinion) the very most important thing in the entire package… and you can see the enormous value of this case study.  In fact, I’ll let Steve tell you about it in his own words.

Most importantly, you’re getting  The One Decision. This Top Secret One-Page Document reveals the one thing I did back in 2016 when I was completely broke, barely keeping my family afloat on the previous year’s tax returns, that took me from zero dollars online to to hitting six-figures within about 14 months.

Now don’t go telling everybody this, but as great as the Warlord Case Study and all the other components and bonuses I’m offering are, I think this one page document is infinitely more valuable than everything else on this page put together. Now I want to repeat: all of the revenue I’ve generated online, to the tune of six-figures in just over a year, has been either directly or indirectly linked to this one decision.

You need to get the Warlord Case Study now, before the price goes up again, or Steve takes it off the market.



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    An inlgtlieent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

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      Thanks, Jace!

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